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Business Strategy, IT and Finance:

The New Relationship

Partners for Success in Disruptive Times

October 18th, 2018 - Chicago, IL

Enlightened leaders recognize that agility in the technology organization alone cannot yield strategic business impacts like improved innovation and competitive performance. No matter if your initiative(s) is labeled Digital Transformation, Agile or DevOps it should be viewed as a holistic change journey impacting your entire enterprise, to ensure ROI and success.


We’d like to invite you to the first of a series of in-person sharing and dialog-driven experiences where we illustrate the critical alignment of IT, P+L groups’ leaders, and the supporting corporate functions, (especially HR and Finance) to achieve strategic business agility, with the goal of improving innovation and creating competitive advantage.


For this first session, in Chicago October 18th, we’d like to challenge you to invite your counterpart in Finance (or IT depending on target) to learn and discuss together, how competitive agility requires active involvement, and substantive changes, in both your organizations, in harmony.