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Live Future Ready Member Community Event hosted by Marshfield Clinic Health System

A Deep Dive into Case Study Sharing and the LFR/Beyond Budgeting Principles

July 24 - 26 2019  ·  Eau Claire, WI




Our Member Community Event was a fantastic success! If you have any questions regarding presentation materials and topics that were discussed,
email for more information. 




This member meeting will feature various implementation case studies describing the member efforts to develop advanced planning practices.  These include: moving to beyond budgeting, implementing rolling forecasts, relative target setting, dynamic performance management and adaptive resource allocations. 
We will be using common templates to gather these case materials in a standard format. Each company in attendance will provide some background on themselves, share their implementation efforts to date, and discuss plans for future development.



Through collaborative learning, attendees will gain a better understanding of their organization’s journey and where they are headed next.


These initial case discussions will be further developed by a series of focused group conversations around four of the twelve Live Future Ready - Beyond Budgeting principles. By pairing a leadership principle and a related process principle, these deep dive sessions will cover: 

           -Governance and Goals including Target Setting

           -Accountability and Controls

(In the future, we plan on covering the other eight LFR/BB principles – Values, Teams, Trust, Accountability, Rewards, Action Planning, Resource Allocation, and Coordination.)

Each deep dive will begin with a detailed review of the principle in action (and how those principles differ from traditional budgeting practices). Following discussion prompts to help the attendees organize their responses, each organization will describe their approach in order to  make each organizational case study richer.  Participants will also be completing an action planner to use when they return to their companies.

In addition to the member case studies, Jeff Hunter will share his personal experience in implementing
Beyond Budgeting at Thedacare where Jeff worked on the operational side during implementation.  

We will also be reviewing the summary results of the Book Club discussion of Dave Parodi’s 
Selecting Effective Visuals using examples from the finance function applied to a typical monthly reporting package. We will also overview Book Club selection number two: Stephen Few’s 
Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten.


Finally, we will preview the research agenda for the remainder of the year.

On Friday morning, Jeff Hunter will lead a four-hour workshop on Customer-Centered Strategy: Greater Focus, Faster Learning.