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July 14, 2021 Wednesday 130 pm Eastern/1 Hour Seven Steps to Creating More Impactful Reports Webcast  

July 19 Monday 12 pm Eastern/4 hours Using Rolling Forecasts to Have Future Ready Finance Mindset Workshop

August 16 Monday 3 pm Eastern/1 Hour Making an Awesome FP&A Team Webcast

August 17 Tuesday 11 am Eastern/4 Hours Building Impactful Reports Skills Workshop

September 16 Thursday 10 am Eastern/4 Hours Creating an Awesome FP&A Team Workshop

September 20 Monday 130 pm Eastern/1 Hour Part 1 Agile Planning for Better Continuing Operation Webcast

October 18 Monday 12 pm Eastern/1 Hour Part 2 Agile Planning for Growth Thru New Investments Webcast

October 28 Thursday 1 pm Eastern/4 Hours Part 1 Using Agile Planning to Improve Operations Workshop

November 15 Monday 2 pm Eastern/1 Hour Effective Scenario Planning to Deal with Uncertainty Webcast

November 30 Tuesday 11 am Eastern/4 Hours Part 2 Agile Planning to Invest for Growth Workshop

December 13 Monday 11 am Eastern/4 Hours Effective Scenario Planning to Become Future Ready Now Workshop

December 14 Tuesday 2 pm Eastern/1 Hour How the Pandemic Broke Traditional Budgeting and What to Do NOW Webcast


January 25 Tuesday 11 am Eastern/4 Hours Moving from Broken Budgeting to Future Ready Finance Workshop


No upcoming events at the moment
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